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Pressed Wool felt (Technical felt, Industrial felt, Felt Rolls, Woollen felts, Engineering felts)

Is manufactured by blending, pressing, milling and drying, to produce a non-woven homogenous mat of fibre, which can exhibit a wide variety of properties depending on the final hardness, thickness and blend of wool used in its make-up.

Woollen felts are produced by applying heat, moisture and compression to the fibres, allowing them to fuse together naturally without any bonding agent. They are measured by density in gram per cubic centimeter.

Wool fibres have small scales on the surface. This allows the fibres to become intertwined through the controlled application of heat, moisture and pressure. In this form the material can be cut, formed, drilled, turned and shaped to produce the required part.

We are in technical Collaboration from M/s Krafft Goebel Machinenfabrik GMBH, Germany for its fulling felts range of products with machines like :

  • Latest Pilgrim Step Roller Fulling Machine
  • Fulling Machines (6)
  • Refulling Machines - for high compactness & felt Plate manufacturing
  • BWF Germany Hardening Machines (3)
  • Befama Carding Machines (3)
  • Truetzschler Blow Room
  • Precision Shearing & Cropping Machines from Vollenveider
  • Precision Slitting Machines
  • Mahlo Based thickness Checking Station.
Composition Our Wool felts are generally manufactured by 100% natural wool and sometimes a mixture of some synthetics based on application.
Color We make industrial wool felt mainly in 2 colors that is Natural White and natural Brown.
-Light Grey
-Charcoal Grey
-Off White
Density We manufacturer felt rolls in the density ranges from 0.16 gm/ccm to 0.45 gm/ccm.
-Extra Form
Thickness We manufacture Thickness from 2 mm to 30 mm in felt roll form.
Width Width of the rolls varies respective to thickness and density.
2 mm to 6 mm – 160 cm to 180 cm
8 mm to 30 mm – 180 cm to 200 cm
Special width can be made on order.
Length Length of the rolls varies from respective to thickness and density
2 mm to 12 mm: 10 – 15 meters
15 mm to 30 mm: 5 – 7 meters
Special length can be made on order.
Felt Standards We follow international standards of felt making:
DIN 61200
SAE specifications (F1 to F55);
Federal Specifications CF 206;
British Specifications BS 4060;
USSR Specifications Gost 6308-71

OUR Felt Rolls Advantages:

We take special care in the production of wool felt making and always focus on:

  • Homogenous Thickness
  • Uniform Density
  • Minimum VM and contamination
  • Core hardness and compactness
  • Consistent Quality