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Pugalia Woollen Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Our company, being one of the first felt companies in India has been in business since 1990 and continues to produce various types of felt materials in all specifications.

Our company which has been maintaining its strong share of the domestic market as well exporting products on global scale has built trust based on the philosophy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Being dedicated to technological innovation, we have been focusing on foreign trade and fulfilling our responsibility to INDIAN industry.

100% Sheep Wool :

Being customer driven, our company manufactures custom-made products in line with customer requirements and applications.

Our products, made from 100% sheep wool combined with high quality fabrication and labor have been receiving appreciation from all our corporate customers since our foundation. Being one of the important and reliable suppliers in the domestic market, our company also contributes to national economy through continuous exportation.


Felt is a textile material widely used by various cultures since the ancient times. In general terms, felt is a nonwoven textile that is produced from the wool of sheep and various synthetics through a process of steaming, hammering and pressing fibers together allowing scales on the wool felt fibers to engage each other to form a lasting, resilient bond.

Manufacturing Process / Scope of Use / Specifications :

Thanks to its natural fiber structure, wool felt has numerous technical specifications which are used in various fields of the industry. Wool felt can trap liquid, vapor and moisture, it makes excellent thermal insulator and provides sound insulation, has a high resistance to pressure and friction and can absorb vibrations and shocks.

Used in a wide variety of applications within industrial context, wool felt can be manufactured through pressing in various densities and thicknesses in line with its scope of use. Wool can also be felted through the process of cutting and dying in accordance with its scope of use. While felt rolls can be produced in any thickness, different densities and in desired sizes; sheet felt is manufactured with high density. Due to its high density, this type of wool felt can even be used as a machinery part in diverse branches of industry. Wool felt has been used through the centuries until present for daily use and various industrial purposes.

We produce 300 tons of a variety of wool felt which is used as industrial input in various sectors. We have 3 manufacturing units producing wool felt rolls, felt cut components and non woven needle punched felts.

Our company is one of the companies producing industrial felts in the world. Our products can be used in a wide range of sectors. We manufacture felts whose scope of use ranges from felt-tipped pens to soundproofing felts used in the aircraft industry.

Our pressed wool felt (other names include technical felt, industrial felt, pressed felt, wool felt) is manufactured using traditional methods of pressing, fulling, shrinking and drying and using high quality wool fibers globally sourced from a number of key partners from all over the world.

Registered Name : Pugalia Woollen Mills P. Ltd

Registration No : 11-59337 of 1990 dt. 7/12/1990

GST NO : 27AAACP3241R1Z3

Registered Office :

Pugalia Woollen Mills P. Ltd.
219, B Wing, Aurus Chambers,
S.S. Amrutwar Marg,
Behind Mahindra Towers,
Worli ,Mumbai - 400013

Partner bank :

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Mumbai - 400 004